En el año 2000 nació Kineo Ingeniería dedicada a la ingeniería informática en Valladolid. Con la evolución de las tecnologías, en el 2006 refundamos la empresa orientada a crear soluciones para la gestión del tráfico que resolviesen las nuevas necesidades.

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KINEO’s differential proposal in intelligent transport systems (ITS) for traffic counting and classification is that we manage a complete portfolio of intrusive and non-intrusive and permanent or temporary solutions. Moreover, all systems were installed and integrated by KINEO directly.

Our direct experience in traffic counting allows us to assess and determine the most appropriate option for each situation from all points of view, including power supply, communications and the logistics required for commissioning. Indeed, we have installed traffic counting systems in Spain, India, Kuwait, Peru, Bolivia, Portugal, Chile, etc., with all that this entails.

At KINEO we work with the best manufacturers worldwide and do not manufacture any of the equipment we offer, which is why we guarantee impartial advice.

As traffic counting and classification integrators we are open to working with new systems or existing systems apart from those found on our website. For this reason, we welcome new alternative suggestions in order to assess them for possible inclusion in our portfolio.

Por ello, agradeceremos nuevas sugerencias de alternativas para poder valorar su inclusión en nuestro portfolio.

We apply these traffic counting technologies both to highway and urban road systems and for access control and industrial sites. Projects in which the counting and/or classification of vehicles generates actions (access priority, access lane assignment, etc. with activation of matrix signs, traffic signals, etc.) or simple collection of data on roads or access points in general.

We have proprietary data mining applications that we can integrate into any environment or customise in a web environment, and we offer equipment and offer turnkey installations for traffic counting if the customer so requires.

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Indra, Ferrovial, Isolux, ACCIONA, FCC, AZVI, ALVAC, OHL, VIARIO A3 Sociedad Concesionaria, Valoriza, Autovía de Aragón Sociedad Concesionaria, Port of Tarragona, Spanish Ministry of Development and Huesca and Murcia Offices, OHL, CHM, Grupo ETRA, GERTEK, Telvent, INNOVIA COPTALIA, IPARACISA, Port of Valencia, University of Seville, Spanish Metrology Centre, Cintra, Government of Honduras, Government of El Salvador, Euroconsulting, TARYET, etc.