En el año 2000 nació Kineo Ingeniería dedicada a la ingeniería informática en Valladolid. Con la evolución de las tecnologías, en el 2006 refundamos la empresa orientada a crear soluciones para la gestión del tráfico que resolviesen las nuevas necesidades.

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RFID is one of the technologies used to identify and track people, vehicles or loads for access control purposes, and it is basically categorised in relation to the detection distance between the tag and the reader or antenna. We can offer solutions ranging from contact or proximity systems such as personal identification cards or cards for opening doors, tags that can be read at less than 3 metres, 5 metres, and up to 15 metres with active tags.

KINEO has been installing and integrating RFID-based access control systems for more than 10 years, often integrating them with other technologies such as licence plate recognition, weighing systems, etc. We have even integrated the IDs generated by existing RFID systems so they can be reused in new access control solutions.

Vehicle identification using RFID has some advantages over vehicle licence plate recognition (LPR-ANPR) systems, which are even more evident in dusty or gritty environments where many licence plates are likely to become illegible, such as construction sites, quarries, landfills, etc.

The only requirement is that the fleet to be monitored must be defined, regardless of whether it is 2 vehicles or 5000. If there is mixed traffic involving both fleet and non-fleet vehicles, a mixed RFID+LPR solution can be considered, even with automatic lanes for fleet vehicles with RFID tagging.

We work with the best manufacturers worldwide as the price differences are not very significant and the result is assured. We have installed medium or long range antennas in Spain, Peru, Bolivia, etc., so we have direct experience in the performance of this equipment in difficult environments.

Other examples of environments where this type of access control is commonly used include freeflow tolls with active RFID or the AAP passive tag network in Peru, or the subsidised refuelling system in Bolivia.

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