En el año 2000 nació Kineo Ingeniería dedicada a la ingeniería informática en Valladolid. Con la evolución de las tecnologías, en el 2006 refundamos la empresa orientada a crear soluciones para la gestión del tráfico que resolviesen las nuevas necesidades.

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For transport control purposes, KINEO boasts a complete application for weighing control management, weigh station network management, Web-based reporting and ticket issuing. The application was fully developed by us, and it is multilingual. Customers can use it to manage everything from a simple temporary weighing check using a portable scale to a national network of weigh stations.

KINEO delivers customised applications with the weight and measurement tables authorised in each country, with the programme fields adapted to national standards, the local language, and a modular structure. This model allows subsystems to be added in a simple and progressive way as needed according to budget constraints, or as the growing volume of vehicle traffic allows for the implementation of new pre-classification, recognition, dimensional calculation, etc.

In the case of weigh stations, our software allows the complete automation of the data collection processes by managing the weighing circuit (automatic monitoring of the vehicle throughout the control process), from weighing of any type to generating the fine ticket. All the systems can be remotely monitored for maintenance, updating, reporting or control system operators.

Finally, we have tools to generate partial reports (subsystem-by-subsystem in a weigh station or mobile, one-by-one control) or comprehensive reports for a network of fixed or mobile weighing centres. Always in a web environment for easier distribution of information, and always under access profile policies, both in these reporting applications and in all the system modules.

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