En el año 2000 nació Kineo Ingeniería dedicada a la ingeniería informática en Valladolid. Con la evolución de las tecnologías, en el 2006 refundamos la empresa orientada a crear soluciones para la gestión del tráfico que resolviesen las nuevas necesidades.

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In addition to withstanding wear and tear, overloaded freight cars deteriorate tracks and are subject to rejection or confinement by the railway company. Underloaded freight cars on the other hand generate losses, as freight is being paid for material that is not being transported. Our in-motion railway weigh stations maximise freight car utilisation and avoid penalties for overloading or denial of rail service.

Thanks to the fixed and portable systems of railway scales we work with at KINEO, for both static and in-motion weighing to determine the per-axle and total weight of the freight car, a procedure is available to check the received load report, minimise end-to-end load imbalances that can be rejected by rail services, and monitor productivity.

Our railway scales are structural and are integrated in the track by means of a simple engineering solution consisting of an approach slab and a semi-pit

If more than 20-30 freight cars per day need to be weighed, then a weigh-in-motion solution is the most suitable option. The weigh-in-motion system has a rated capacity from 2.5 T/axle up to 35 T/axle, and is Accuracy Class 2 approved for rail car and full rail weight in accordance with OIML R106, at speeds of 4 to 20 kph.

The railway scale also allows RFID identification or OCR reading of rail car and train ID codes, determination of tare values, issuance of weighing reports and others. The weighing system can be completed with automatically actuated traffic signals and other identification and control devices.

Finally, static weighing is preferred when low volumes are involved or when the high cost of transporting the load justifies or requires high weighing accuracy.

Functional features of our railway scale with weigh-in-motion weighing

General Functions

  • Continuous-track weigh-in-motion railway scale with no moving parts and no need for a pit.
  • Weight detection by load cells
  •  Web-based scale management software system
  • Standalone or remote operation via the Internet
  •  Internally programmed maintenance
  • Remote (web-based) diagnostic troubleshooting

Weigh-in-motion and business logic functionalities

  • The weigh-in-motion programme is lodged in the track controller
  •  Intelligent algorithm for detecting the number of rail cars that make up the train
  • The user interface can be adapted to the customer’s needs
  • The system can operate with user-defined alarms or reports
  • Optionally, they can be equipped with an RFID rail car detection system.

Communications functions

  • Radio modem link between on-track equipment and user computer
  •  WEB server installed on the user’s computer to enable remote access via the Internet
  • Central WEB server for access and remote control of all installed scales
  • Interface with customer-owned computer systems
  • Electronic messaging for alarms, alerts and reports

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