En el año 2000 nació Kineo Ingeniería dedicada a la ingeniería informática en Valladolid. Con la evolución de las tecnologías, en el 2006 refundamos la empresa orientada a crear soluciones para la gestión del tráfico que resolviesen las nuevas necesidades.

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Kineo / HIGH-TONNAGE WEIGHING (up to 500 T)

We install “portable” weighing systems to weigh high-tonnage dumper vehicles (up to 500 T) in large-scale civil works, mines and quarries, salt works, etc., where large-sized dumper trucks that can load up to 500 T with only two axles are used.

It is necessary to know the load of the vehicle in the different operating processes. To this end, KINEO offers platforms that can be moved as the work or the mine/quarry front progresses. These platforms, which weigh up to 10T, are known as “portable” platforms and do not require any civil engineering work, as the mere compacting of the site is sufficient for high precision.

We have built and supplied weighing systems from 50 T and up to 500 T, which have often been integrated with vehicle recognition using RFID technology for both vehicle and driver.

With regards to the operating mode (axle-by-axle weight in static mode or with low-speed in-motion weighing), and the electronic equipment (portable or fixed remote display) and accuracy (±0.1% in calibration mode, better than ±3% in dynamic mode), the characteristics of these scales are similar to those of the other models presented.

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