En el año 2000 nació Kineo Ingeniería dedicada a la ingeniería informática en Valladolid. Con la evolución de las tecnologías, en el 2006 refundamos la empresa orientada a crear soluciones para la gestión del tráfico que resolviesen las nuevas necesidades.

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KINEO was founded in 2000 as a computer engineering company. In 2006, the company was refounded with a focus on providing solutions in the world of vehicle traffic, understanding that wherever vehicles are driven –on the motorway, at the entrance to a factory or in a shopping centre car park, etc.– traffic management solutions are required.

KINEO is active in three main areas: intelligent transport systems (ITS), with specialisation in traffic counting and classification systems; the world of weighing, both in an industrial environment and as part of logistics processes, as well as in transport control, i.e. using weigh stations; and, finally, access control, with an extensive catalogue of identification and authorisation management solutions.

Turnover on international markets has grown steadily since 2011, and we already have references for turnkey projects all over the world, with projects in India, Peru, Ghana, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Our team of technicians travels anywhere in the world to take part in designing projects, supervising civil works, installing and commissioning equipment and training customers to use and maintain the systems. Our regular customers include major vehicle traffic engineering companies, civil engineering companies with global reach, and governments.

In addition to Spain, we have been established in Peru with KINEO IDT SAC since 2012, and also in Portugal since 2015. In both countries we have an office, warehouse and permanent local staff.

We have also partnered with companies in several countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, which give us local support and generate business, with KINEO acting as their external vehicle traffic engineering department.

Key Figures

+ 2650

turnkey lanes with vehicle traffic counters and classification in 7 countries

+ 570

lanes with access control in 14 countries

+ 185

HSWIM lanes in 4 countries

+ 48

portable scales for transport control in 6 countries

+ 26

weigh stations in 5 countries

+ 18

Our team comprises 18 professionals in Spain, Peru and Portugal

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Software Development

One of KINEO’s main competitive advantages is our ability to develop software and integrate vehicle traffic systems. This allows us to be totally flexible in the choice of technologies and suppliers worldwide, and be able to meet the needs of a multitude of specific and tailor-made projects.

We have a highly qualified team of 5 engineers in the development department who build our global platforms for access control, weighing and transport control management and intelligent transport system (ITS) management.

They are our “operating systems” on which we build the necessary customisations to, for example, meet the specifications of transport control regulations in different countries. This KINEO asset allows us to be very competitive, since we only need to adapt an average of 10% of the applications from one country to another, and in just a few weeks we can offer our clients a customised (even multilingual) product both inside and outside Spain.

We barely rely on proprietary software from our suppliers, so our ability to adapt to the changes that customers demand as they use our tools is virtually complete, with very short lead times and minimal costs.

KINEO rarely says “no” to anything.

Comprehensive development and integration example: in a complex weigh station, with transport control and pre-selection, we work with weighing systems (static and/or in motion at high, medium or low speeds), recognition systems (vehicles, containers and people), dimensional calculation systems (from a simple gauge to 3D laser in free flow), vehicle classification systems, CCTV systems, web-based reporting applications, etc. All installed, integrated and customised by KINEO.

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International turnkey projects

Another of the main characteristics of KINEO is our ability to carry out turnkey vehicle traffic projects anywhere in the world. Sometimes our work ends with the shipment of equipment and remote assistance for installation and configuration, but many other times we deploy personnel and tools to install and commission systems, and to train customers.

In 2016 we spent 4 months in Kuwait with 2 to 6 KINEO technicians installing 42 ETDs and 220 lanes with counting, classification and weighing sensors and installed 3 weigh stations in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru almost at the same time. Furthermore, we have installed systems in the Azores, India, northern Chile, etc.
We have 8 technicians with experience in national and international work and a network of partners in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Kuwait, etc. with whom we have already worked and who are at our disposal to size our response in line with needs.

With our offices in Europe and South America we offer on-site or remote support on a virtually round-the-clock basis. Our regular customers abroad are major vehicle traffic engineering companies, international civil engineering and construction firms and governments, to whom we offer our portfolio of specialised solutions and a very high level of customisation of software applications, including multilingual capabilities, developed by KINEO.

Very few engineering firms –and even fewer of our size– are capable of providing a catalogue of international references such as KINEO’s, including recurring projects with governments and major vehicle traffic integrators, which gives an idea of the quality of our work and our ability to tackle complex projects with a high degree of civil engineering (with KINEO designs and supervision), software customisation, training for local operators and maintenance technicians, and remote or direct support when necessary.
At KINEO we work with the best technology we can find, from laser classifiers to lowly power supply units, as malfunctions often originate in the simplest components. Our solutions are not the cheapest, but they are the most robust.

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Another of KINEO’s core strengths is our ability to combine a multitude of technological options to build complex, comprehensive vehicle traffic management projects.

Our portfolio of technologies spans the range of intelligent transport systems (ITS), access control, weigh stations and transport control systems. In each of these fields there are a multitude of manufacturers and partial integrators, but very few on an international scale with our ability to combine systems and offer a unique database with inputs from a multitude of subsystems. And, additionally, with turnkey installation anywhere in the world.

At KINEO we work regularly with a couple of dozen national and international manufacturers and with any other manufacturer that we need on a project-by-project basis. This ability to adapt allows us to develop customised solutions or even to integrate customer components that still have a useful life, making the final system more cost-effective.

Our reference suppliers include CAPTELS, QFREE, ARH, PEEK TRAFFIC, SICK, AXIS, CITILOG, etc. All of them know KINEO’s capabilities and place orders with us that very few of their partners are able to follow through to the end. In turn, KINEO offers them very powerful feedback based on our experience in the field.

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